Pocketbar operates 24 Hours daily.

Delivery is in 45 minutes or less.

Yes, Pocket bar requires all users to verify their age before an order is placed. All users Under the age of 18 years are prohibited to place orders.

Pocketbar offers a bartender for events pre-scheduled a week before in advance. We have a Bartender-PLUS package that comes with sound system and a live DJ.

Planning a party and need a pro-mixologist? We've got you covered! Email us on sales@pocketbar.com.na with all necessary information as to learn more about our pricing and the areas we service.

Pocketbar considers scheduled deliveries first. We prefer you email us on info@pocketbar.com.na with all necessary details for the schedule team to make all necessary reservations.

Yes, it is indicated on the app when placing orders in the menus for different categories.

Delivery fees range from N$ 30 – N$ 50 depending on actual location.